Father thank YOU for YOUR many blessings forgive us for limiting YOU Posted on 2 Jul 07:27 , 0 comments


We are so thankful for YOUR many blessings especially HOLY COMMUNION, where is sets our spirits free, heals our bodies, our hearts, minds and lives.

Forgive us for limiting YOU this day and forgive us for not doing what we are suppose to do, forgive us for staying in the HOLY HUDDLE, we thank YOU for those of us YOU have set free to be and do, thank YOU that YOU are raising up YOUR army to be a light in dark places.  Father, I am unable to find one scripture where someone was saved in a church or healed in a church, Jesus, Peter and Paul and the seventy were out and about in the community healing folks and telling them about Christ Jesus and salvation in HIM. 

We thank YOU Father for setting the captive free once again to truly be and do YOUR ministry.  Father forgive our spiritual leaders for not leading the charge and we are thankful for those YOU are raising up, we have strayed so far from YOU, and thank YOU for bringing us back to be the men and women of God YOU have chosen us to be and do and we thank YOU In Jesus Name