Prayer for our Churches in America Posted on 2 Jul 07:19 , 0 comments

Father in Heaven,

We are thankful for those who are going into the dark places and being a light, for those who are fighting the good fight of faith on our jobs, in our communities, in our government, in all areas where YOU have called us.  We are thankful for those who have stepped out in faith, for those Daniels, and Jonahs and Deborahs, who are out on the front lines being YOUR hands and feet.  We ask forgiveness for those who are so heavenly minded they are no earthly good and for those who are so earthly they are no heavenly good.  Father, thank YOU for raising up YOUR army for t"hose boots on the ground" and please forgive YOUR spiritual leaders for not addressing the issues and speaking forth YOUR righteousness, peace and joy.  Thank YOU for raising up YOUR leadership who will address the difficult issues in Jesus Name.  Forgive us, YOUR people for saying no to YOU and for those who refuse to support YOUR work in this land.  Father thank YOU for bringing YOUR repentance to YOUR people, forgiving us for the sin of omission, and raising up New Leadership who will say "YES LORD" IN Jesus Name.  We thank YOU for YOUR provision in all areas of our hearts, minds and lives.  Father YOU love America, and what is stands for and raise up YOUR people, forgive those who say NO to YOU, thank YOU for raising up YOUR people who fight the good fight of faith on the streets just like Jesus, Peter, Paul did and many others and we are thankful that our joy will be full.  Thank YOU for opening doors and setting the captives free and bring down YOUR HOLY FIRE ON US TO BURN UP THAT WHICH IS NOT OF YOU IN JESUS NAME TO FREE US UP TO GO FORTH IN THE POWER OF YOUR MIGHT.  Forgive our spiritual leaders who still refuse to engage in battle until it is at their front door, until it affects them.  Father we ask for YOUR true repentance, we ask that YOU would take the scales off our eyes, we ask OPEN OUR EYES AND SEE THE SALVATION OF OUR GOD IN JESUS NAME