Joel Osteen Posted on 1 Jul 04:23 , 0 comments

I saw on Facebook what folks did in his church, disrupting his service.  Agree with him, do not agree with him that is between you an God.  Going to his church and disrupting his service is just wrong and unscriptural and THERE ARE BETTER THINGS TO DO WITH OUR TIME in JESUS NAME.  Christian fighting Christian is just wrong.  Our Country is facing some serious iissues.  We need strong men and women of Faith to pray for this country to come to repentance, rend our hearts and minds to You and pray the scales fall from our eyes in Jesus Name and for You people who called by Your as we humble ourelves seek Your face  turn from our wicked ways then will You hear from heaven and heal our land  (2Chronickes 7:14) and we do not disrespect others, Jesus did not. What these folks did is not Scriptural.  We need to go back to scriptural principal and be and do what it says In Jesus Name.  We need to come together and celebrate and encourage each other utilizing our gifts and talents, and worship You with our hearts, minds and lives.  Touch not my anointed do my Prophets no harm.  According to Scripture if we have ought with someo ne we are to go to them not disrupt church services when we do not agree with them.  We are to do what God has called us to do that lines up with His Word in Jesus, Name through and with You Holy Spirit.  Father we ask that You bring down Your Holy Fure this day to burn up that which is not of You burn up thoughts. words, deeds, "roots" that which is not of You in Jesus Name. We ask that You bring us to Your repentance true repentance, especially Dan Moyer this day in Jesus Name through and with You Holy Spirit