Business People Posted on 30 Jun 09:09 , 0 comments

Father in Heaven

We are so thankful that YOU want to raise up business men and women to create business to be able to create prosperity for others and Father many just need to start the journey into business.  Many business principals come straight out of scripture and Father help these folks to START.  Many times YOU have shown them the end result and that is wonderful and many need help in just starting and going to YOU like King Hezekiah for the next step but most just need to start and Father we ask for the right balance in not being so heavenly we are no earthly good and being so earthly we are no heavenly good and many businesses are actually YOUR ministry.  So Father this day we ask that those that YOU have give divine ideas for business that these folks would just start.

We thank YOU for those established business that they would continue to grow and prosper and would hire intercessors and listen to the intercessors because this is part of our prosperity and a promise from YOU that it is YOU have anointed us to create wealth to support ourselves, our families, and our faith In Jesus Name through and with YOU HOLY SPIRIT.  YOU have the answers for all our problems, ask, seek, knock...Praise YOU Jesus