Prayers for Marriages Posted on 26 Jun 13:13 , 0 comments

Father in Heaven,

We praise You and thank You for hearing our prayers and we are so thankful that we may come to the throne of grace and ask for mercy in time of need and that You inhabit our praises.  We invite You this day to invade our space this day.  We are thankful for those healthy marriages where there is mutual love and respect without control issues where each partner has Your highest and best for each other.  We ask that You keep those marriages strong in You and we are thankful for these wonderful examples of how to "do marriage".  We ask for continual blessing on these marriages. 


As You know there are those unhealthy marriages where You have given a husband a good wife and because of control issues, and past hurts has turned this into a bad situation.  This day we ask that You would turn things around according to Ephesians 5:21 BE SUBJECT TO ONE ANOTHER OUT OF REVERENCE FOR CHRIST SUBMIT TO EACH OTHER. We ask this day that You would work in those husband's hearts and minds and bring them to repentance that we are to love and respect each other and not control nor bully each other.  We are to build each other up in Jesus Name.  For those wives who need to be infilled with Your love and who need to accept their husbands the way they are and not change them that is Your job.  We ask this day and invite You to invade our space and help us to release and enjoy each other.  By Your Name and Authority we bind up controlling spirits and bullying spirits and release Your love, Your joy and Your peace this day In Jesus Name and a spirit of mutual love and respect celebrating each other strengths and overlooking weaknesses and we praise You and thank You this day.