Prayers for Inner Healing and for those who are overwhelmed Posted on 26 Jun 06:44 , 0 comments

Father in Heaven,

We praise You and thank You this day for Your liquid love flowing in and through us for Your healing virtue.  In Your Word we are to forgive and release those hurts and those who have hurt us to You and for Your wisdom and discernment when it comes to reconciliation, we are thankful for the forgiveness of sin and when we miss it.  We are thankful for Your forgiveness and that You enable us to release and forgive others to You, and ask for Your wisdom and discernment when it comes to reconciliation.

We ask that YOU would heal those wounds so we do not "take them out on others".  Father as YOU know there is one person I have in mind this morn and has ruined so many relationships because they continue to "punish" others for what one person did and Father we ask this day he would submit to You, and heal that up in him, so he would stop making everyone else miserable, we bind up that spirit of insecurity that comes out in bullying in Jesus Name and that spirit of miserableness, and he would receive Your Joy, Your Peace, in Jesus Name

For those who are going through overwhelming times we thank You and confess that Your burden is light and easy to bear and that YOU would breathe Your grace and mercy on us, in us an through us and we thank You that we can come to You and ask, seek and knock.


You are an Awesome God !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank You for choosing us and accepting us in the Beloved Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour, through and with You, Holy Spirit