Been getting several phone calls for the Lord to deliver from sexual sin Posted on 12 Jun 19:23 , 0 comments

Father in Heaven,

It is YOU who gave us healthy desires to come together in a committed relationship and that is why YOU created marriage, for two to become one flesh not only in the natural but in the spiritual, to love and respect each other.  It is in this committed relationship that YOU chose to have children be brought in to have a stable and loving home because YOU wanted Godly offspring and children are a blessing, however when we violate YOUR precepts, that is when things get messed up with disease and unhealthy relationships.  So we ask this day for a healthy understanding of what coming together in a healthy relationship is and that through YOU, HOLY SPIRIT, and with self control that we do not abandon Godly principals.  In that this part of relationship is to be enjoyed in the context of a healthy, committed relationship and that is why YOU created marriage and that it would be honoured again.  Father those that need a healthy attitude about coming together and for those who are struggling with what the Apostle Paul called self abuse we ask for YOUR divine healing in that area of that soul and spirit and in there bodies this day and we praise YOU and thank YOU in Jesus Name the Name that is above all Names through and with YOU, HOLY SPIRIT.  Especially for those who are addicted to porn we thank YOU that YOU are shutting down the access, for that would take a mighty miracle, but for those who have called that are addicted to it and cannot have a healthy relationship with their spouse, like any addiction Father only YOU can break that cycle and create a new and healthy cycle of loving their spouse appropriately and we praise YOU and thank YOU Lord Jesus, HOLY SPIRIT, for these folks do not need our judgement but our prayers of support as these addictions are broken and we thank YOU for this Lord of Glory.