Miracles still happen just believe Posted on 8 Jun 06:39 , 0 comments

Been praying for God's miracles for some time and the Lord showed me in Scripture, that with most miracles there was a process.  Abraham waited for some time for his miracle of Isaac, the Centurion that had leprosy had to wash seven times in the Jordan river, Jesus made mud and put it on the blind man's eyes.  With miracles there is a step of faith, with Abraham he needed to believe and that he could impregnate his wife Sarah, with the Centurion he washed in the river seven times, and Jesus made mud.  The first miracle Jesus performed, Mary told servants to bring Jesus vats of water, there was and act of faith that it could be done, and the wine was better than anything anyone tasted, the Centurions skin was as smooth as silk any woman would envy, and the blind man his vision was clear.  Keep believing, and as the HOLY SPIRIT speaks to your heart through the Scripture, and practical aspects of this life just keep believing MIRACLES STILL HAPPEN.  Praise God !!!


We thank YOU this day that we are precious in YOUR sight and we thank YOU that our steps are ordered by YOU and we thank YOU that YOU love us so much and deliver us from sin, sickness and disease, poverty and lack in all areas of our hearts, minds and lives and it is YOU who gives us power to obtain wealth in all areas, in our relationship with YOU, with others, that YOU heal our bodies and help us to walk in divine health, for opportunities.  That YOU delight in the prosperity of your servants and we praise YOU and thank YOU that YOU are a good God and love us so and we thank YOU for YOUR forgiveness and YOUR correction this day and we thank YOU Lord of Glory, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit