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Set the Captives Free/God's will for your life/America
an actual call
This rainy Saturday Morn in May 2015 I received a call from a young woman in her thirties, wanting prayer for wisdom and discernment and this is what I prayed for her and will change some personal aspects If you visit my website it is about discretion, for I do have a lot of leaders and leaders in training calling 713 9717 and as leaders their privacy is utmost important.
Father God,
We lift up _______ to YOU this day and Lord we praise YOU and thank YOU that _______is fearfully and wonderfully made and Lord that YOUR desire is to see _______ high and lifted up in YOU, through YOU, and for YOU. Father God as a child of God it is
YOUR desire for _______to enjoy life and see good days, it is YOUR desire to clear up ____ mind, clear up_______spirit, clear up _______soul and set the captive free, so Father God we come to YOUR throne of grace and as for mercy in time of need, and we just praise YOU and thank YOU for YOUR wisdom and discernment and that this day all of heaven is cheering her on for...
In my spirit it is coming up where God has asked you to do something, is there something in your spirit that God is wanting you to do.
What is that. This specific person, God has called into the education field.
Father God we just release _______to YOU, Lord _______steps are ordered by YOU and so Father just give _______ that peace and confidence in YOU, that as _______steps out YOU will lead and guide her, Lord.
Many times this is the lie of the enemy where we get so focused on be in God's will be in God's will...and we sit there and God wants us to just simply step out, go through the paces, is it a good thing, yes, do you have a desire to do that, yes and as we step out, and I do understand I do not like wasting my time either, I get that, I thoroughly get that, but there are too many people that just will not step out and start so _______I want to tell you something, this is coming out of my spirit for you, I do know that as you step out God will lead and guide you. He will bring those circumstances to you and He will be speaking to you, just do not worry about missing God's will sometimes people get so involved in being in God's will  that they miss God's will, worrying if they are in God's will, because they will not step out. So I would just, I kept saying this to a lady last night, in Hebrews it says to diligently get into MY rest, I always confess, Lord help me to relax in YOU. Every time I say that my back relaxes, in my shoulders where I carry my stress, it relaxes, and Lord, every time I said that it felt like a massage in my back.

So Lord I am asking for an anointing of relaxing for _______that she will not worry about this, that she will won't get so involved in worry about being in YOUR will that she misses it, so Lord help her to relax in YOU, help her to step out in faith, help her to go through the paces, is it a good thing, do you have a desire for it, well then just do it, and help her to know, give her the confidence, that Godly confidence that YOU are with her. Lord there are times where she might feel like it does not seem right

I am going to tell you a story there was a musician who won a Dove award and he had to travel to receive that award and he was walking down the street and he saw this guy and said something to him to encourage him, said something to the effect that God is with you, and the Lord told the guy who won the Dove award, this man that is why you won this award to meet this guy to encourage him, and it was not about the guy winning the Dove award, so remember God loves you and sometimes people get caught up in their gifts and get their identity in their God given gifts and talents, like you, you are obviously a teacher an educator which is cool, but do not get your identity in that, keep your identity in that you are a child of God dearly loved and appreciated by HIM, continue to say Lord,
I am thankful that I am a blood bought child of God, thank you, as you step out in faith doing your research, step out in faith like if you have to take classes, get you license, do not be afraid of missing God, it is a trust thing, just trust HIM, trust me, you will not miss God, HE will lead and guide you, for your desire is to be in HIS WILL, but do not get so caught up in that where you miss it.
Okay, did that help you? Okay Amen.

A lady called and I sensed in my spirit that she was a spiritual biggy, like WHOA type of spiritual biggy, and I mentioned that to her and she said, "yes". She wanted me to pray for her daughter and son-in-law, they were having some marital issues, and then we started talking and I mentioned to her why do we have such a hard times praying for ourselves, and I truly believe that no matter how "big" in the spirit we need each other and that keeps us humble, so we know we are not all that and it is not all about us, God does want to bless us and HE does want us to enjoy life, and HE wants us to be filled with HIM, that is who we are but what we do, our job is to go out and serve people, to help people, to say, "Hey how is it going how are you doing, and someone mention that they are going through a bad time, is there anything I can do to help, and if we can not physically help them, or help them in the natural, then you know what can I pray for you, that type of thing. Then I mentioned what the Lord told me the other day, when HE told me to pray for myself and HE said, " how do you pray for others." I said, " You bring someone to my heart and mind, and I wait on YOU, and start by bring them to YOUR throne of grace knowing YOU want to bless them and waiting on You." and HE said, " Do that for yourself." well doh me :):):):):)
I sense in my spirit that you are all freed up, PRAISE GOD, SET THE CAPTIVES FREE. HAHAHAHAHA AMEN AND AMEN
So when you start thinking about GOD'S WILL, GOD'S WILL, I gotta get in God's will and you feel that tension, just say, "Lord, help me to relax in YOU." Just say that, "Lord, help me relax in YOU." I love saying that because I get so blessed, this lady I was talking to last night I kept saying that over and over again, and I said, "Lord, I wished she could feel this." Because every time I say it my shoulders and neck relax, I can just feel it, like I just got a massage. I have a tendency to write things down and put them on where I see them often just to remind me.
You are on a good path, relax in HIM, and do not worry about messin' up. I hate to burst your bubble Sweetie but God is bigger than both of us and He knows what He is doing as long as our hearts are right, our hearts are basically, "Lord, this is my life, what do YOU want me to do with it, and He gives us all natural gifts and talents, and then go with that. Education is a good thing, we need strong leaders. I asked if she was in America. I pray for our educational system a lot, we need strong leaders, people who will stand up and saying, "I am a Christian" Who will fight the good fight of faith in the right way who will, and I pray for good leaders to be raised up.
I saw this thing on Facebook, where a middle school in Louisiana on the information sign that was outside, for fifteen years they had IN GOD WE TRUST and underneath the school info, and some people said they did not like that and made a big fuss, and to take that down, well the kids the middle school kids rose up and said, "NO." They stood up, and that is the thing, that is my message, stand up and say NO. Who cares what people think, it is time to stand up and say NO. We will keep our sign, we will be Christians. I grew up in a time where we had a moment of silence and said the Pledge of Allegiance, I went to a Lutheran School and a Public School and we prayed at school, had a moment of silence, it was not teacher led though, a lot of lady's call me and they go to these churches that have severe control issues. So the thing is, it is kinda like the thing is you know what, we will, I have been asking God to raise up Strong leaders that will say we will have the Ten Commandments on our walls again, because it is a good thing, others do not have to worship my God, but one of the Ten Commandments is THOU SHALT NOT STEAL, is that not a good thing, it is common sense, so with this prayer ministry God is bringing me leaders, because if you ever check out my website there is a lot of assurance about confidentiality and private, etc.. and I kept asking God, "Why is that." Because HE brings me leaders, and leaders in training. You are a leader, but do not get your identity in that, because it is not fun to be a leader, I will tell you that right now HAHAHAHAHA. It is not always fun.
I am not going to lie to you, it is not always fun, but the thing is I keep asking God, RAISE UP MEN AND WOMEN WITH INTEGRITY, WHO LOVE YOU, WHO HAVE HEALTHY BOUNDARIES, WHO CAN STAND UP AND SAY NO WE WILL NOT HAVE THIS, I WILL DO THIS. People like you, who will stand up and say COMMON CORE is a bunch of crap. We are not doing our children a favours because what is education about to get them ready for jobs so they can get into thier place of blessing we all have to make a living that is just how it is, broaden our horizons. I am so thankful for people like you, call me anytime because I have a feeling you are going to need it and you are going to need a lot of encouragement, and that is not a bad thing, it is just I am in my mid fifties, my thing is we have to go through stuff, but the thing you will always be victorious, eventually in the end. Victory will come. It will be a lot of prayer, a lot of Lord what would YOU have me say, what do YOU want me to do. I have been asking God to raise up people like you, strong men and women of God, LORD WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK!
You probably already know this but stepping on the American flag is a Federal offense, NOT FREE SPEECH. When my kids were young I home schooled them for a time and ABEKA had the best true American history, the American History that is taught now is not true American History.
At was at a birthday party and sitting at the kitchen table surrounded by thirty year olds and they were talking about the 60's and 70's and I told them that it was not true and they were saying that was what the books said, and I said I lived it.
I do pray that when it comes to American History that actual letters and documents will be read by people who lived it. The separation of church and state...READ THE CONSTITUTION, ...we are the government, when it comes to tax money that is OUR MONEY and vote in people who realize that, and if we would start being who God has called us to be strong men and women of God, vote much of the foolishness would disappear.
People just do not have their facts straight, I am a real facts person, bottom line it for me and give the facts, not someone's opinion.
People let's wake up and smell the coffee, and there are many who are doing a wonderful job in this, being the leaders in society that
GOD is calling them to be and I praise God and thank God for you all everyday.
So just to let you know I could use your prayer, I am in the process of writing a book, and God is putting this together to basically say what I am telling you, and praise God I got a publisher, a real publisher, which Wow where did that come from, I have 52 pages more, now I am a point where Lord, I am not a natural writer, I am a talker, when I pray for people the anointing comes out, then I sit in front of a page, totally different, and if you could just pray for the anointing to flow through me to the written page, I would appreciate that so much, because I was telling the editor that I am ADD, and the editor was encouraging me and giving me some helpful hints, which I appreciated so much, and if he saw me the day before big difference, great improvement, so all I know to do is to please pray for me that I get this book written, that it is well received, I would appreciate that so much.
This gets me last night I received a call from this woman, she spent good cash money, on a Psychic, now she spent fifty dollars on the Psychic line, I am the one praying for her, getting her freed up, spending my valuable time with her, and I do take offerings, and
usually I just say what the Lord puts on a persons heart to give, she will go and spend fifty bucks on the Psychic, who gave her a bunch of bologna, and I told her that not because it was a Psychic but because in my spirit the Lord was saying what that what the Psychic told her was a bunch of crap, I did not want to say crap, so I said bologna, so I said Ma'am this is a bunch of bologna, but she will spend fifty dollars on a Psychic, and it is not me personally and it is not about the money, it is the respect, people will spend their
money, because what does money represent, someone's time at their job, their hard work, people's effort, money is neutral, it is neither good nor bad, and yes folks I am well aware that the LOVE of money is the root of all evil, but it represents someone's hard
work, someone who went to work, put in their time and did all that, so and Lord that aggravates me so much because folks will spend fifty bucks on something that does not help but someone who does help and I am cleaning up the mess. Well people get spiritual and say we have a heavenly reward, I say Honey, I am on earth, the Lord and I have had that talk so many times. Oh, this is so funny someone gave me a word that I had this big treasure chest up in heaven and I told the Lord, let's dump that puppy out to use that so we can fill it back up, sometimes I think I make God smile and laugh, please lighten up folks.
Special Note to Mr. Alan, when I spoke to you I mentioned something about the brain not fussing at the heart because it just beats, beats, beats, and I mentioned the digestive system, know I now what the digestive system is, folks like me who clean up other peoples messes LOL...
I have a friend who has property and her desire is to put cottages on her property for homeless and folks who have screwed up their lives and need a fresh start and a place to just breath and she wants to grow produce and fruit trees to enable this project to be self
supporting, and for these folks to find jobs, etc, I do receive calls from people who are homeless and I pray and there are very few safe places for them to go and it frustrates me to only be able to pray for them.
I told the Lord we need money to do that, so I am very hopeful that this book is a success so I can help her achieve her goals, and help her build her cottages, for people who just need a rest, and that type of thing, I am not asking you for funds, I am asking you to please pray, and I am telling you what annoys me also. hahaha... Because you are a leader, so when I know it is a leader and get a little more comfortable, so please pray for this book to be a success, to help people get set free, to help my friend achieve her God given goals, and I just want to travel and pray for folks I just get a big kick of watching the Miracle of God...because that is my gift and talent, if this book was a financial success I would have a ball going around praying for folks. Guess what happened and tell all these stories, and write another book to be a blessing and an encouragement by the books, I have also been getting speaking engagements all over
the country and I do not like asking people for money either, but the Lord did tell me to give people an opportunity some people feel compelled to do so and I do appreciate it. We need to start appreciating those who pour into our lives and support us prayerfully and
financially, it is a practical thing and a respect thing, and a spiritual thing...just sayin'

Many times it is a process, I believe in miracles but mostly it is process, God bless ya' did I say anything good for you and she said she learned a lot. Praise God it is people like you who are going to lead the charge no more foolishness...
Please feel free to call me anytime, many times it is a process, Father thank YOU for the privelage of praying for this person this day this Leader in the making who is going forth in the power of Your might this day and we give YOU all the praise and glory in Jesus Name through and with YOU, HOLY SPIRIT

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