Set My People Free Posted on 26 May 05:34 , 0 comments

Father In Heaven,

This morn You have put on my heart to SET YOUR PEOPLE FREE, into what YOU want them to do and be and Father in Heaven, we ask for YOUR freedom this day, to do and be whom YOU want us to do and be in YOU and for YOU, Father for some they need major financial provision, for some they need spiritual healing, for some emotional healing, for some physical healing, for some healing in relationships, but for all we need to maintain our identity in YOU, we are blood bought children of God, we are whole and complete in YOU and for YOU, YOU delight in the prosperity of YOUR servants, we are YOUR favorites, we are blessed and highly favoured, we are dearly loved by YOU and for YOU...this day Father we are believing for YOUR mighty hand, we have praised in good times, we have praised YOU in difficult times, YOU are always worthy to be praised and this day we are asking for a release from heaven for YOU and by YOU, and Lord YOU know I want to have a good time going around praying for folks, for the joy of watching a person being set free,  and the fact that ALMIGHTY GOD flows through me just gives me great joy and making them laugh, cry, the healing cry, and watching the countenance change gives me such great joy and amazes me, the wonderful people YOU bring me those with such great anointing the joy that brings me to watch people get set free as YOUR love pours in them and setting them free in YOU, to do YOUR good  purpose in all areas of our hearts, minds and lives this day.  YOU are awesome