Teach us how to pray...and the light bulb went on Posted on 25 May 03:24 , 0 comments

Most of us know the Lord's Prayer and that is a basis of all prayers...and many pray differently, yesterday I received a phone call and it blessed me so how the anointing the Lord gave me flowed to a precious woman of God to free her up...and she asked me how I prayed if I had a list ...and I told her that usually the Lord has me "wait" on HIM and then as HE brings folks to my mind and spirit, and I usually ask HIM and wait on HIM how to pray for that person, for the HOLY SPIRIT to flow through me...and some have lists, some have praise and worship, but the good news it all comes together for we are HIS body ....then through this conversation I mentioned praying for others is easy for me but for myself, that is hard and then the LIGHT BULB WENT ON, REVELATION KNOWLEDGE...etc......what ever we want to call it ....the Lord showed me to do the same thing for myself...well doh me LOL....been asking the Lord to  break me ....that is HIS job, and to help me suffer in silence ...for like King David and some others I have a tendency to be a big whiner...what a blessing that would be to so many, those in my inner circle, those I trust, whom I appreciate so much and thank God for often all day everyday ...PRAISE GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!