Thank God for FOX NEWS Posted on 21 May 10:59 , 0 comments

Dear Fox News please consider having segments of good people doing good things....and for the rest of you all, well let's just say you should take a good example when you see one

Father I am thankful that YOU are raising up YOUR standard in the music industry, the entertainment industry and the news industry ...thank YOU that is it time and thank YOU for hearing our prayers 2Chronicles 7:14....I loved how Laura Bush handled the press, Ma'am you did us proud, and Former President George and First Lady Barbara Bush you demanded respect from the reporter, oh and RONNY REAGAN,

Father we need heroes and good examples, and YOUR enlightenment to come to our land again...where we can all enjoy life again and see good days ....where YOUR peace and harmony is the rule of the land, where people are not FORCED to think and believe a certain way but led by good examples... where people love and respect themselves, in a healthy and balanced way ...on earth as it is in heaven it was attributed to Martin is good to put a Cross on a pair of shoes, if you are a cobbler, but make sure they are good shoes that whatever you are good at be good at it and it does take practice most of the time ....