Ulcers and Heartburn...you have got to go Posted on 21 May 04:15 , 0 comments


IN JESUS NAME THE NAME THAT IS ABOVE ALL NAMES...we speak to heartburn and ulcers and we speak by YOUR authority stomach acids and juices you need to calm down and do what you are designed to do no more no less, and HOLY SPIRIT, we ask that YOU would reveal to hearts and minds this day if they are eating or drinking something their particular body was not designed to eat or drink and that YOU would show them, if it is worry or stress that is causing the stomach juices to act up we speak to hearts and minds by YOUR AUTHORITY and we say calm down and cheer up, we speak YOUR PEACE, YOUR CALM, and if folks need to be placed into YOUR PLACE OF BLESSING FOR THEM HELP THEM THIS DAY TO MOVE AND MOVE WELL into that spiritual, emotional and physical place, if some need a new job, we ask that YOU DO IT, if they need to pray for their boss to calm down, we ask the YOU DO IT, whatever the situation is Father we ask for YOUR HELP AND GRACE IN time of need and we thank YOU, HOLY SPIRIT, for speaking to hearts and minds this day, and for YOUR SAVING GRACE LORD JESUS