Set the Captives Free/M and A Posted on 20 May 10:28 , 0 comments

Father we lift up M and all others who are looking for opportunity and employment, gainful employment, forgive us for being discouraged this day and Father, Holy Spirit, Lord Jesus those who are looking for gainful employment and business opportunity bring all the circumstance together for us to grow and prosper in YOU and in the God given opportunity YOU are giving us, as we seek YOU and that opportunity open our eyes so we might be able to see it

And Lord of Glory those dealing with addictions set us free this day physical addictions, emotional addictions, physical addictions, food addictions, spiritual addictions, chemical addictions, what ever the issue is we ask that YOU would set us free and help to maintain that freedom, help us to cut off any and all things that would hinder our growth in YOU and would hinder our recovery from any ungodly addiction that would plague us ...and we praise YOU and thank YOU for YOUR strength and energy us always boast in YOU