Our Mission is not to get people to church but to get people to God Posted on 20 May 08:56 , 0 comments

We are to worship Jesus in church not worship church

When Jesus was on this earth He told one leper to show himself to the Priests, not once did HE tell people to go to temple, HE showed us the Father, the love of God, in compassion and correction

Church, brick and mortar is a good thing however, our mission is to show them the Jesus in us and get them to Jesus, not one person was saved in "church" the Apostle Paul was not converted in "church" and there are many other examples ....should we go to church YES however, when Jesus and Paul and Peter walked this earth most ministry happened outside of the "church" building

Once again our mission is not getting people to church but getting them to Jesus ...Just sayin'

and God gave the increase, the biggest churches in the world lift up THE LORD, and HIS GOODNESS AND MERCY AND HIS CORRECTION