Condoleeza Rice Posted on 20 May 05:44 , 0 comments

Father in Heaven,

We are so thankful that YOU raised this woman of God to serve in the Bush Administration as Secretary of State, who was and still is WELL RESPECTED by all

Father as YOU know the desire of her heart is to be the NFL Commissioner, however she would do well as President of the United States, I remember her speech at the GOP convention (I am not Republican, I am an American who loves this country) she spoke so eloquently about many subjects, but the one that resonated with me was the subject about our school system)

Dear Ms. Rice,

There is much you could do about our school system, with the right Congress, you could put quality education back into our schools, the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE, A MOMENT OF SILENCE AKA Morning Prayer, and the TEN COMMANDMENTS posted everywhere, also you might even be able to appoint a Supreme Court Justice

Father, II Chronicles 7:14, this day we ask the YOU heal our land and that those YOU have raised up to be in Government office, those who are already serving YOU and our Country, and those YOU want to be elected officials that they would run, and raise up the voters to vote them in and we thank YOU this day and we are so thankful for those like Condoleeza Rice, men and women of integrity, with God given common sense, raise up more and more like her, and with ask this in JESUS NAME THE NAME THAT IS ABOVE ALL NAMES, THROUGH AND WITH YOU HOLY SPIRIT