Captains of Industry, Politicians it would do you well to take a lesson from Nebuchadnezzar Posted on 19 May 07:04 , 0 comments

the basic overview of the book of Daniel is about a King Nebuchandnezzar, and he was smart enough to have an Intercessor/Prophet on his payroll, that was Daniel, to free up Daniel's time to be able to hear and discern from God Almighty,

Father in Heaven,

This day I ask that YOU keep legalistic people far from us and deliver them, and that YOU, HOLY SPIRIT, would open their eyes and set the captives free....


We are so thankful for Mark Zuckerberg, on of the creators of Facebook and Shopify, the excellent customer service and the knowledge base, awesome and I am thankful that, like Nebuchadnezzar, YOU chose him to to utilize this Divinely Inspired idea for which many are thankful for and utilize on a daily basis, to communicate, and Father, YOU give us all free will, in YOUR WORD, YOU give us CHOICE of how to utilize this amazing communication tool.

and for folks like Mark Cuban, who has utilized his GOD GIVEN gifts and talents to create YOUR prosperity in investing in people with their business ideas, and utilizing his God Given gifts and talents...

Father I do not know if these men are of the household of faith, but I am very thankful to them that they do bring YOUR PROSPERITY, creating jobs and opportunity, for that we are very thankful for and Father and Father it is my hope that even though they are in their relative place of blessing and are a blessing to so many...that they continue to grow and prosper in all areas of their hearts minds and lives....Jesus YOU said YOU are the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE, NO ONE GETS TO THE FATHER BUT BY YOU, BELIEVE ON THE LORD JESUS CHRIST AND THOUGH SHALT BE SAVED, IF WE BELIEVE IN OUR HEARTS THAT GOD RAISED JESUS FROM THE DEAD AND CONFESS WITH OUR MOUTHS JESUS IS LORD WE SHALL BE SAVED AND THANK YOU FATHER THAT IT IS THAT SIMPLE....just PURE HEARTFELT CONFESSION TO YOU :):):)

Thank YOU for loving us so much :):)::):):):):)