Chariots of Fire, the movie and Hoosiers the movie Posted on 18 May 10:58 , 0 comments

Was thinking about Chariots of Fire, the movie

There were two men who had that same God Given Gift and talent one got his identity in his gift to run and was miserable

The other got his identity in God's love for him, and enjoyed running and trained, but kept his identity that he was a blood bought child of God and that God loved him and was a joint heir with Christ Jesus Our Lord as it states in Scripture ....

In Hoosiers the movie a college coach retrains a High School Basketball team, tears them down and builds them back up and as a team THEY HAD TO LEARN TO WORK TOGETHER AND CELEBRATE AND SUPPORT EACH OTHER IN THEIR INDIVIDUAL GIFTS AND TALENTS, on offense and defense ....a well learned lesson to celebrate our individual gifts and talents and utilize them as a team WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Father I ask that YOU bless us this day and help us to speak and say blessings, open our eyes and set the captives free, touch not YOU anointed do YOUR prophets no harm and help us respectfully agree and disagree and help us free each other up to do WHAT YOU ARE DOING, individually and collectively, and aid and support each other and CLEARLY HEAR FROM YOU