Giving Posted on 18 May 10:15 , 0 comments

The Lord has really changed my giving habits in that I no longer give blindly

I called a major ministry, they have and inner city feeding program which is great but I suggested that they also have a gardening program and a training program to help give folks a marketable skill so they can get good jobs...this major ministry does not do this so I not longer give to this feeding program and been asking to Lord to help me find or to raise up feeding and enabling programs...if the Lord has you do this wonderful continue in what the Lord has YOU to do

also there is a major retailer that gives back to the community, wonderful, but in that I found out that they give to causes that I can get behind, it is their money and they can support whatever they want, however, I do not shop there because I would be supporting this cause also and again shop where you want to and they can give wherever they want ...I do not have to support it

Watch a lot of golf and many golf organizations give millions to charities, how cool is that, however I keep wondering with all the millions given to charities why is there so much poverty still, and I think money is better spent in training folks for better careers, or building up communities, we all need marketable skills, in whatever field is our bent,, where we fit etc....

in all do what is in your heart to do and what the Lord shows you

Father in Heaven,

We speak and say blessings on all who read this and will encouraged and blessed, touch not my anointed do my prophets no harm in that we all can respectfully agree and disagree and we ask that YOU free us up and be and do what YOU called us to do and we thank YOU Lord of Glory for YOUR LOVE, TIME AND PATIENCE THIS DAY and for YOUR blessing in all areas of our hearts, minds and lives ...and FATHER for YOUR precious promises especially one of my favorites , thousand fold :):):):):):):):)

 Lord I ask that YOUR people who sow into good soil and do what YOU have put on their hearts to do