Advice for Businessmen and women, politicians Posted on 18 May 07:06 , 0 comments

Dear Business Men and Women,

It would do you well to have an intercessor/prophet on your staff, there are many examples in Scripture of this and it does not matter if you are saved or unsaved, for there is Scripture to back this up also.

The days that are coming you will need someone who can hear from God Almighty to help navigate your business into continued prosperity in that jobs cause prosperity, and good business men and women are a gift to us all so we can support our families, our faith, and enjoy life and have some fun

I am so thankful for people like Steve Jobs, and Mike Z, one of the creators of facebook, and I do speak and say blessings on him, I speak and say blessings on those who are on Sharktank, for these folks are an arm of God in that they help bring prosperity and good jobs, so folks can support their families and their faith and enjoy life,

Politicians it would do you well to hire an intercessor/prophet also....Great kings did this whether they were of the faith or not ...and God blessed them and the Kings listened to them

There is a major shift coming and it would do you well Business men and women, politicians, entertainment industry, to hire interecessors/prophets and heed and listen to them ....for there is many people in history not just in Scripture who did this and was navigated through difficult times well....

touch not my anointed do my prophets no harm

speak and say blessings