Upliftinig C.L. and M.S. to YOUR THRONE OF GRACE Posted on 17 May 14:32 , 0 comments

Father In Heaven,

We are so thankful this day for YOU are the HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL, and we are so thankful for bringing C.L. and M.S. to this ministry to be blessed and be a blessing to these Brave Men of God ....who are doing battle in very different areas...C.L. that YOU grant him YOUR strength and favor in all his endeavors as he goes forth in the power or YOUR might this day, to bring him those who will enable him to get to and be  maintained in his place of blessing and Father we ask that YOU would restore YOUR goodness for all the years that have been difficult for him...Father as he searches as seeks answers we ask that his burden is light and easy to bear and job unspeakable and full of glory will enable him to achieve his goals, on earth as it is in Heaven

and with M.S. we ask that YOU would protect his patents and the his path would be smooth and straight and we speak GRACE GRACE to any mountains and we ask that YOU send YOUR Angels forth in the power of YOU might for he is YOUR workmanship created unto Christ Jesus and Father the desire of my heart is that this day YOU make it all a reality ...THIS WONDERFUL AND great inventor and businessman who loves YOU, grow and prosper and more like him Father, and it is a privilege to know such Great Men of God like M.S and thank you for freeing him up this day and more like him Father, more and more like him.......