Time to Receive Posted on 16 May 10:48 , 0 comments

Father in Heaven,

This day by faith believing we praise YOU and thank YOU for releasing us into our destinies, designed by YOU...not what we think, but what YOU desire, that it will be a blessing for YOU, for us  and for others, where YOU make our paths smooth and straight and for all the provision, in spirit, soul and body, and in all other practical matters this day....all provision that is necessary and needed...

Been thinking about the movie Chariots of Fire....one guy was a missionary the other needed to win...was racing worldly, sometimes what we think is worldly is actually just attitude ....

Oh Father in Heaven,

So hoping this part is done and completed...according to YOUR will and for YOUR GLORY

Thank YOU for loving us so much and we receive that love and return it to YOU and each other...and Father forgive those who do not receive YOUR prophets, who have emotionally and spiritually beat them out of YOUR Churches, and Father we ask that YOUR body of believers be raised up this day ...those that love YOU, and like Jesus went around talking to folks with the love of the Father and setting the captive free...free up YOUR people, and thank YOU for those that YOU have set free and Father so hoping it is fun time....time to enjoy life and see good days saying by by wilderness :):):):):)

Thank YOU for YOUR great love :):):):):)

True humility come forth :):):):):)

Woot Hallelujah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!