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I think the Lord has me sharing all of this is because

Please ask God to put and maintain you in your respective "place of blessing" where is it good, where you can grow a prosper in all areas, I have spent too many years "trying to fit" and yes sometimes we do what we have to do to survive, in that "bloom where you are planted" but in that do not stay there, in some areas I am amazed how God has blessed me however, there are big chunks that are missing, and even when we are in our places of blessing, we are always having a healthy dependency on God....

For those of you who are in your  "place of blessing" PRAISE GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those of you where it just falls in place for you PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so happy for you for it is God's will for us to enjoy life and see good days

For those who have missed it and missed it, there is God's redeeming Grace where miracles still happen just believe, for it is a desire of my heart that no one would have to go through what I did, as in with our Grandparents, parents, what some did to sacrifice that we would have better lives, appreciate and learn from others and in all When our Lord went to the Cross, so we could be redeemed, we appreciate that, and we Celebrate HIS RESURRECTION and HIS DESIRE FOR US IS IN John 10:10b...JESUS CAME TO GIVE US LIFE IN ABUNDANCE, in that our cups overflow to spill onto others....

We are all not called to be like Paul, or John the Baptist, some of us are called to be great leaders, men and women of God, in what ever area HE has called us to be, and we are to be looking at Jesus, the Author and PERFECTOR OF OUR FAITH, FOR THE JOY  SET BEFORE HIM, and what was the JOY....that we all could live and enjoy our lives and bring His saving graces in all, all, all areas in our hearts minds and lives, it is not spiritual to be poor in any area, I hate poverty with a passion, in any area, and when Jesus said, " we would always have the poor with us" He made me realize that it was not just money, we need to rid of the spiritual, emotional, social, poverty ....Jesus is not the God of lack and I am so thankful for those humble servants, those GREAT MEN AN WOMEN OF GOD HE BRINGS ME TO MINISTER TO ME PERSONALLY AND PRAY FOR THIS MINISTRY ....and to give us a purpose, on earth as it is in heaven ....thank YOU, Father, HOLY SPIRIT, LORD OF GLORY, LORD JESUS