The Process/ Some of the larger ministries have Intercessors who are paid to free up there time Posted on 16 May 05:49 , 0 comments

and it would do most Ministries, Businesses, etc...whatever your endevour is to free up YOUR intercessors time, so they do not have to work three jobs, and free them up financially to devote their full time for praying for you, your business, ministry, or whatever endevour the Lord has called YOU too, politics etc.... and listen to them when they have a word of correction for you....

Pastors and Churches please listen to me ...(Wisdom is a Woman according to the scriptures)

a workmen is worthy of his/her that please bless your people financially, teachers, intercessors, financially into them along with edifying words....this is a WORD FROM GOD...bless the household of faith, and God will bless you with qualified people and the funds to pay them for once again A WORKMAN/WOMAN IS WORTHY OF THEIR WAGES....and do not "stone" me take this to the Lord and ask HIM about it, seriously, Free us those, so they can do what they do full time.......and please remember we worship God in the church, not the church, we speak and say blessings on the Pastor and thank him and be good to them, but our number one relationship is with God Almighty