The Process/ HOW THE LORD SHOWED ME HE WANTED ME TO BE AN INTERCESSOR Posted on 16 May 05:38 , 0 comments

In my mid Thirties I was perusing in my Bible and I came across the Scripture of the unjust judge and the nagging woman

and the ligthbulb and the Revelation came

I SAID, " LORD I CAN DO THAT" and the Lord spoke to my heart and said, "IF YOU ARE GOING TO NAG, NAG ME," lol ....anyway even though I have always conversed with the Lord since I was three, the realization and He grew me in it ....step by step .....

My purpose in sharing these things is

A. God put it on my heart to

B. To hopefully enable those who are going through what I went through :):):):) and free us up in HIM

and yet still want to be hugging my Grands, and visiting my children all over the Country, WELL ( smile MM)