What would become of me if I did not believe I would see good in the land of the living wait, hope for and expect the Lord Posted on 15 May 06:58 , 0 comments

Father in Heaven,

Why are YOU so good to us, YOUR grace still amazes me, Father we do not know what this day will bring but we do know what we pray and believe and hope for and yes Lord I truly hope today is that day, Just like Abraham, that manifested blessing, but what amazes me so much is the PRAISE TO YOU THAT COMES UP OUT OF MY SPIRIT, wow, Lord of Glory, You who know all my faults and short comings, and YOU who have given me God Given Gifts and talents how AMAZING YOU ARE....and in YOUR WORD it says THAT WE ARE FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE, and also my own personal revelation TO KEEP AND MAINTAIN MY IDENTITY IN YOU ....

Father, as YOU know, LET'S GET REAL MINISTRIES and Liz Beamer Ministries that is YOURS and YOU do whatever YOU desire, and yes I am thankful for the prayer directives and for all those that have and continue to pray and support this ministry ...and a thousand fold return to them ....so Father whatever is YOU good will and desire ...and all that YOU have put in my heart to pray ...let this day be that day :):):):)

sometimes I just have too much fun WOOT WOOT WOOT :):):)

Love YOU, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Lord of Glory, Heavenly Father