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M keeps telling me it is not her time yet and would rather I would not mention her full name however, this wonderful woman of God, Praise YOU Jesus,

She gave me a prayer directive, and yes many times the Lord  gives us prayer directives or confessions or things to think on, for our own personal growth but this is just to good not to share

Deliver me from me ...WOOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOWSERS  four powerful words

The Lord has brought many good men and women in my life to minister to me personally for which I am very grateful for like King David, I can be a big whiner, even in that the anointing is still there...and it amazes me, that anointing and it does break the yoke, this is something I have asked the Lord, OFTEN, I have been wanting to move well for over a decade, and folks I pray for they move, seriously, some who did not want to but God moved them ....prayer directive from the Lord, place of blessing , that is my prayer for folks LORD PUT US IN OUR RESPECTIVE PLACE OF BLESSING, in that where we grow and fit and there is not all this big drama stuff, where our burden is light and easy to bear, there is so much, so many are trying to make others fit, or we try to fit so I ask you all please say this very simple prayer FOR IT IS POWERFUL!!!!!!!!!

I usually minister to folks in stories when I pray for them they usually laugh, cry good tears, laugh,cry good tears, except on young man the Lord had me tell him to go have some FUN and another word of correction for another young man was DATE YOUR WIFE, come Saturday and lets learn, share, and have some fun