Father YOU know I am desperate Posted on 14 May 04:45 , 0 comments

Father in Heaven,

YOU know I am desperate and have come to YOU with this for the last eleven years, now Lord of Glory, I have asked to move and to move well, and that thing I have been believing YOU for the last thirty years, thank YOU, HOLY SPIRIT, for quickening my heart yesterday and this morn as YOU said it is right in front of my eyes, so I am asking to open the my eyes and help me see the salvation of my God ....now Lord YOU know me just like the  woman and the unjust judged I will continue to come to YOUR throne of grace with the same issue:):):):) and yes it is our faith, trust and love in YOU that pleases YOU....please open my eyes and help me see it:):):):):)

Peter and Paul had very different callings and annointings, but they had the same goal....