Prayers for Grands Posted on 14 May 04:39 , 0 comments

Father in Heaven,

As YOU know L's Grand is going through a very difficult time and Father, she has taken all the ins and outs to YOU, all the details YOU know and Father this young man needs a miracle, in that he simply is not in his "place of blessing" where he fits and Father at this time we are asking that YOU guard his heart and mind and all will keep there hands and mouths off of him along with MM's Nephew B...Father we are asking YOU this morn that YOU would cause there "enemies" to speak and say blessings on them or to be hushed, and Father we ask that YOU would raise up YOUR ANOINTED, to straighten out our school system we need YOU back in our school system, as YOU know Father when I was a kid everyone had a gun and no one got shot in school, it just did not happen so we need YOU back in our school systems again and Father YOU know it honks me, annoys that my tax dollars are going for a school system that is into foolishness and Father for those men and women of God who are good teachers and administrators who are fighting to get YOU and good education back into our schools bring them reinforcements, raise up more who are fighting for our kids this day, who are fighting the good fight of faith in a real way, give these folks VOICE, and a mighty army of YOU be raised up this day and we praise YOU and thank YOU this day