Saturday Night Interactive "Church" Posted on 14 May 04:15 , 0 comments

Good Thursday Morning,

Was talking to God, Our Father, about Hec, he is a wonderful speaker who is talking about Revelation/the Rapture/Second Coming...I will tell you all, wow what an anointed man of God, wowsers, please come to Saturday Night Interactive  "Church" the info is on the web page,, if you want to hear an anointed man of God.  Hec and I and MM are very different people with very different anointings, and that just amazes me, Hec has a very analytical mind which  I appreciate so much.

The venue will most likely be changing again, I apologize for that, we have been looking for a cost effective venue and been looking at Google Hangouts and I am hoping that will be the right venue as in scripture seek and ye shall find :):):):):)

SPECIAL NOTE: I was impressed to mention that almost everything I say I have a scripture to back it up with :):):):):)