In Defense of the Apostle Peter Posted on 13 May 07:27 , 0 comments

all the disciples had very different personalities and mine is much like the Apostle Peters in that the Dude got out of the boat ...

Was talking with someone who thought it was a good idea to "preach" to telemarketers and I mentioned that instead of "preaching" to them how 'bout praying they get a better job...there place of blessing, where they fit grow and prosper, in that they probably do not want to be telemarketers but are trying to feed their families, and many are Christians already

I am not sure what the Lord has for this ministry but we get a direction and by faith try to be obedient it truly is in HIS HANDS and it is suppose to be what HE wants it to be, in that to encourage and help us all get and be maintained in our specific "place of blessing" where we fit ....the Apostle Paul stated that we are to all things to all men, what that means to me is to try to effectively communicate with a person on their level

Father in Heaven,

By faith and trust in YOU we are thanking YOU this day for putting and maintaining us in our respective places of blessing, where we can grow and prosper in ALL AREAS OF OUR HEARTS, MINDS, AND LIVES and Father special blessings to those who bless me personally and for who bless this ministry as with Abraham bless those who bless me, and Father a thousand fold return for those who bless me and this ministry, we ask that YOU would grant us this day the desires of our heart, those good desires that YOU put in us....Psalm 37....thank YOU for loving us so much and we return that love to YOU, ourselves and others.  BLESS YOUR HOLY NAME