Prayers for LizBeamerMinistries Posted on 12 May 06:14 , 0 comments

Father in Heaven,

We ask this day that YOU would bless LizBeamerMinistries this day, that YOU would do what YOU want with this endevour, Father the vision YOU have given LizBeamerMinistries, that is would grow and prosper, and be what YOU designed that ministry  to be, not the same old stuff, but the move YOU are doing Lord, where we would stop majoring in the minors, for those who are seeking YOU, for those who do not know YOU, and for those  who just got saved in that YOU opened their eyes to YOU, Lord Jesus, for you are a great and mighty God and Father this day we speak and say blessings on Tim Hawkins, and Jean Robertson some of the funniest clean comedians out there and Father it is my hope that when YOU bring it to pass for a non secular radio station that these wonderful people will have a permanent home to broadcast, and Father they honour YOU with the gift and talent that YOU gave them in that they make people laugh, and are so funny without being vulgar or disgusting.....and for all those wonderful men and women of God our there who are utilizing there God given gifts and talents, whether they are saved or unsaved, for all good gifts come from above and YOU love us all, and YOU give us free will, and free choice, and we all have a choice of believing that JESUS IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE and NO ONE GETS TO THE FATHER BUT BY HIM, and BELIEVE ON THE LORD JESUS CHRIST AND THOUGH SHALT BE SAVED, and IF WE BELIEVE IN OUR HEARTS AND CONFESS WITH OUR MOUTHS THAT JESUS IS LORD WE SHALL BE SAVED, and Father it is YOUR desire that all shall be saved, but YOU give us free will and we thank YOU HOLY SPIRIT FOR OPENING OUR EYES AND SETTING THE CAPTIVES FREE