A Prayer for those who want to get married Posted on 11 May 16:12 , 1 comment

Father in Heaven,

It is not good for man to be alone,  is what is says in YOUR WORD, and Father we ask this day that YOU bring the right people in each others lives this day for it is YOUR will that we enjoy life and see good days, John 10;10b, and Father those whose this is their desire bring that right person into their lives, to share YOUR LOVE WITH EACH OTHER, have some fun and just enough quirky to be fun, no drama, healed folks, in their spirit, and minds, and those who are already married help each other appreciate their differences and for those who think they are more spiritual than the other, help us to remember we all have different gifts and callings, so help us to appreciate each others differences

and we praise YOU and thank YOU this day and Father, Holy Spirit, Lord Jesus it is my hope that all who read this they will let me know as two already have....I love saying in a good way, "told you so" LOL :):):):):)