Let's Get Real Ministries National Radio Fund Posted on 10 May 11:04 , 0 comments

What if this is God to have an interactive radio Station run by Christians who have the love of God to pray for them and truly help them in that if a homeless person called in we would ask those to surround them give them a place to live and help them get job
what if someone called in for prayer and they needed some kind of practical help WE ARE HIS HANDS WE ARE HIS FEET
what if someone was teaching on something folks could call in and ask questions
what if this is God and what if it is finally my turn
and not just "CHRISTIAN' songs would be played but there would be secular songs there are a lot of uplifting  "secular" songs
what if this is God and we can truly help folks and be helped
what if this is over fifty years of praying and believing God and HIS MANIFESTED BLESSING