Received a phone call last night for prayer, PRAYING FOR FAMILY RESTORATION Posted on 8 May 05:22 , 0 comments

Father in Heaven,

We come into agreement with YOUR WORD, and we ask that these children would come back to YOU and return to their Grandmother/Mother this day, and Lord as YOU know these children have gotten into some foolishness and we ask that they come to YOU to ask forgiveness and allow YOU to cleanse them of all sin and unrighteousness, and that these adult children will bring back this 3 year old grandchild back to their grandmother, for she is the one who has been raising him, Father I am asking for YOUR RESTORATION IN THIS SITUATION this day and we ask that YOU would give this Grandmother/Mother YOUR PEACE THAT PASSES all understanding and protect this grandson this YOUR WORD IT says honour YOUR Mother  and Father for it will well with you, and for those who did not have good parents YOU bring in spiritual parents to fill in that gap, so Father I ask that YOU bring in YOUR restoration this day and we praise YOU and thank YOU and as Jesus, our Lord and Saviour honoured HIS Mother, Mary when Mary said, "Do what HE says." and Jesus told HIS mother it was not his time, at the wedding of Canaan, He honoured HIS mother by turning water into wine and if Jesus honoured HIS mother I ask that these adult children honour their mother and bring back her grandson, whom she has raised and we ask for YOUR RESTORATION THIS DAY, by faith believing and grant this Grandmother YOUR PEACE THAT PASSES ALL UNDERSTANDING and we claim a thousand fold return in all areas of this Grandmothers heart, mind and life this day, spiritually, physically, financially, emotionally in all areas and we give YOU ALL THE GLORY AND HONOUR, LORD JESUS, HOLY SPIRIT, HEAVENLY FATHER, LORD OF GLORY