Father in Heaven I lift up those with addictions Posted on 2 May 06:40 , 0 comments

Father as we all know the addiction is the symptom of something missing in their being

this day Father fill them with overflowing of YOU, YOUR love, peace and JOY in YOU, HOLY SPIRIT, and special blessings to Deb, who has blessed me so, bless her this day with good news Father,

and for those with addictions set them free and fill them this day and for those who need to know Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour this day I ask that YOU would bring them the right person, and/or speak to their heart in a great and mighty way this day we ask Lord Jesus that YOU would reveal YOURSELF TO THEM in a great and mighty way and YOUR love and grace are amazing

set the captives free in YOU this day and we praise YOU AND THANK YOU FOR THE MIGHTY WORK YOU DO IN AND THROUGH US