A shout out to Marcos the young man who I met at Best Buy Posted on 2 May 06:12 , 0 comments

Father in Heaven,

Thank YOU for being with Marcos, this day as he is going to boot camp for the Marines and Father my heart is overwhelmed at YOUR goodness this day ....that is nineteen year old young man is serving YOU and his country in the capacity that YOU have called him to, Father I ask that his path is always smooth and straight and Marcos has a purpose and a plan and Father as YOU know it is a good purpose and plan...that YOU have put in his heart to serve YOU as an electrician...be with his MAMA this day, continually grant her YOUR PEACE THAT PASSES ALL UNDERSTANDING, and fill her with YOU  so her heart does not ache when he goes to boot camp, for as YOU know Father Marcos will not be able to communicate with her for about a month ...and we thank YOU for this opportunity that YOU have afforded Marcos....Father I am not sure if he has accepted Christ into his heart, if he has we thank YOU and if he hasn't we ask for that and for his family has also accepted Christ

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and THOU shalt be save and thine house ....


He is a good kid and I am asking for his salvation and I am also hoping he is true to his word that when he graduates he will call and he can call anytime and I am hopeful the online interactive church he comes to that so I can see him

Marcos thinking and praying for you :):):):):):)