Alternative Church Posted on 22 Apr 17:04 , 0 comments

Something that has been on my heart that I have been praying is, Lord there are many people who love YOU, want to serve YOU, but do not fit in traditional churches, and I have been asking the Lord about a new thing, a "church" where there is a leader and instead of one person preaching and praying, how about if the leader ask the people if there is something God has put on their heart to share and they are given a chance to share in the "pulpit", and if someone has an anointing to pray they get up and pray for particular needs, like home churches, satellite churches, where all are welcomed to preach, teach, and pray ...once again I am not bashing traditional churches but there are many who do not fit in traditional churches, like me, and I grew up in a traditional church

Father in Heaven,

We ask that YOU make the vision clearer this day and if this is something YOU want me to pursue show me but if it is someone else show me that also and we thank YOU, Holy Spirit, Lord Jesus for bringing this to pass this new thing that actually was written in Acts