Miracles still happen Just believe Posted on 20 Apr 15:50 , 0 comments

Lord of Glory,

We are so thankful for YOUR written Word and YOUR great and precious promises and in the very Words of Christ Jesus Our Lord and Saviour, Mark 5:36,

"Do not be afraid, only believe"

and what comfort that is to many of us that are going through difficult times and we are so thankful for YOUR GREAT LOVE FOR US, and we love and appreciate YOU so much Lord of Glory, for YOU are THE GREAT I AM

Thank You for healing the broken hearted and setting the captives free, in spirit soul and body and for those who are in financial bondage and we thank YOU this day for YOU are great, YOU are Awesome, and YOU are Mighty to save YOU are the HOLY ONE of ISRAEL and we thank YOU for showing up and showing big this day and as we seek YOUR FACE (2 Chronicles 7:14) YOU heal us and heal our land and our steps are ordered by YOU this day and YOU are so worthy to be praised