Miracles Still Happen Just Believe Posted on 19 Apr 05:40 , 0 comments

Father in Heaven,

We are so thankful that J's fever has broken and her eyes are bright, and Father we are thanking You this day that her limbs work the way they are suppose to and she will walk well this day and for C that she has a peace and a balance and her thought process and her emotions are calm and peaceful and we are to thankful for YOUR healing virtue afforded to us through Christ Jesus our Lord through and with YOU, Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit this morn YOU have put on my heart, Love covers a multitude of transgression, Proverbs 10:12

and we ask this day for those who have made mistakes in their relationships, in their finances, in their business, and in their who are now focused on YOU and YOUR WORD, YOUR will and YOUR way who just need that miracle for in YOUR Word it says YOU redeem the time that has been lost and stolen do to our error or circumstance and we ask this day for that Miracle of where we are suppose to be as if we never made those mistakes, as if we never sinned, for YOUR ARE THE REDEEMER OF OUR SOULS, and our hearts and our minds, and our lives and we are asking for that great and mighty miracle today of placing us where we are suppose to be in YOU and where we are suppose to be in all areas and we thank YOU for this, this day (Joel 2:25 and Hebrews 11:1, 2 Chronicles 7:14