MIRACLES STILL HAPPEN JUST BELIEVE Posted on 18 Apr 06:57 , 0 comments

Father in Heaven,

I am so thankful for this wonderful Saturday Morn and I am so thankful for YOUR WRITTEN WORD, and for YOU, HOLY SPIRIT who leads and guides us into all truth, and for YOU, Lord Jesus for through YOU comes salvation of our souls, minds, bodies, and lives

thank YOU, Holy Spirit for putting on my heart this day those who support this ministry, in prayer and financially so we can be a channel of blessing, and we ask for special blessing for those who support this ministry this day, some need a way where there is no way a river in the desert, some need YOUR manifestation of a healing miracle in their bodies, minds and emotions, some need a healing and opportunity and divine ideas in their finances, and some need a miracle to fill up loneliness and need a social miracle, some need healing and restoration in relationships and we are so thankful that YOU are working this out as we receive YOUR wisdom and discernment and YOU lead us to learn how and that YOU cause good to come into our heart, mind, and lives this day and we thank YOU for giving us teachable spirits to learn what YOU would have us learn and reject that what is not of YOU and we thank YOU for God Given COMMON SENSE .....

Thank YOU for loving us so much and we return that love to YOU this day and to others and thank YOU for YOUR balance and healthy boundaries