How to deal with frustration Posted on 30 Mar 08:03 , 0 comments

The other day I was asking a business about a website and emailed them and the instructions were ....

Go to the website and click on chat

sent and email back and said I could not find it and this went on three times, and yes I was getting frustrated

someone finally called me back and said, "Go to Blog, and the lower left corner is the chat

I said, "Why did you not tell me this in the email."   The attitude the young man gave me was rude and disrespectful, I am not a stupid person, and for the most part read directions but I need the CORRECT directions....anyway I was so annoyed with this young man that I mentioned to him just because his mother owns this multi million dollar corporation that he needs to be respectful to customers ....

That did not go well and to this rude, disrespectful young man I continue to email him and pray and I am so hopeful his mother will correct him

As with our relationship with the Lord we need HIS direction and instruction and good advice from others and I love those the Lord who have brought into my life who know more, as in technical aspects, those who are more talented than I, I learn from them, but most of all the instruction we get from the scripture, and we need the HOLY SPIRIT, to help us understand and HIS grace to do and to be what HE WANTS US TO BE

Father in Heaven,

No matter how much YOU have gifted us in the natural, our Character has to be always in YOU, our being and I am thankful for this opportunity to pray for this young man and help him keep HIS identity in YOU, and thank YOU HOLY SPIRIT that YOU got me to a place where I can forgive this young man and truly pray for him me that is amazing

Love YOU Jesus, Holy Spirit, Heavenly Father and thank YOU for loving us so much

and I am thankful for Matt and his Dad and his family that they are doing well