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This was about a year ago, it was a lovely summer day and a friend texted me and she asked what I was doing...and I told her I was praying for miracles...she laughed at me until a time later her daughter in law, who was carrying a child had a bad report from the Obstetrician ...they were concerned the unborn baby had Down's Syndrome, well guess who my friend's first call was...and yes to me and was prayng for a healthy baby and for love and acceptance for this child, had the amniosentisis done and the child did not have that, however either way that child was going to be loved and cared for ...but my friend does not laugh at me when she texts me and asks what I am doing and I reply that I am praying for miracles

Have a wonderfully blessed day and the love and favour of God would envelop us and that He would keep us in HIS STEAD

WOOT WOOT WOOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!