Prayer for Encouragement/Ridding of Discouragement Posted on 12 Jun 07:01 , 0 comments

Father in Heaven,

We are so thankful that we may come into Your throne of Grace to ask for Your mercy in time of need.

Lord of Glory,

We ask for Your forgiveness for being discouraged and we ask that we receive Your encouragement and Your fire this day that we encourage ourselves in You this day.

We are so thankful for Your Word, Your Will and Your Way this day. We thank You we are now in Your kingdom age. That You are cleansing Your church from ungodly judgements and systems that are not of You. Ridding of those traditions that are of no use any longer and we thank You that You are teaching us to look at the heart and not the outward appearance

Thank You for Your great love and mercy this day in Jesus Name the Name that is above all names and for YOUR rest for the battle weary and for Your Holy Ease and Refreshment of our souls and beings