Aligning Spiritual Mothers and Fathers with Those Who Need Guidance, Encouragement and a Cheerleader Posted on 3 May 08:23 , 0 comments

Father in Heaven,

As You know a lot of frustration would be relieved aligning Spiritual Mothers and Fathers with those who need guidance, encouragement and a cheerleader. This day we thank You in advance for aligning us with those who are able to build each other up and we thank You.

I love young people, the world has changed so much, the older generation has wisdom and are able to help young people avoid some pitfalls.  There is no reason to reinvent the wheel.

I have been asking the Lord to help me understand the struggles of the younger generation and speak life and encouragement into them. There is no need to struggle nor suffer unnecessarily. There are a lot of good young people who need strength and encouragement, our prayers and our wisdom and stability.