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God is not a Socialist Posted on 18 Oct 08:02 , 0 comments

Father in Heaven,

As we return to The Acts Church where it was more of a community center ...

When churches get this revelation and have markets on church property ....not all the proceeds goes to the church ...Yes a portion ...a workman(woman) is worthy of thier wages is not just for the Pastor and The church Secretary ....it is the church property to be utilized to learn spiritual skills but also practical skills ....

To enjoy life and see good days ....

Dear Christian Churches Posted on 18 Oct 06:45 , 0 comments

Please open your church property to be more of a community center per Book of Acts ....

Tutoring, workshops on how to repair and car maintenance, plumbing etc....

Have Friday and Saturday night dances to give these young people something constructive to do 

Ping Pong tables ...groups that go out to the neighborhood and do repairs 

rip up those beautiful lawns and grow veggies, aquaponics, grow beef ....

Bring in Christian (clean) comedians 

 Open Church doors house the homeless ....build little houses ....

Do not freak out when the stock market corrects Posted on 18 Oct 06:31 , 0 comments

All is well

Faith Decrees over Northwest, Indiana Posted on 16 Oct 05:46 , 0 comments

Father in Heaven by Jesus Christ our Lord, in His Authority 

We ask Your forgiveness for all the ungodly and uniformed judgements we speak over this region and any other negative ungodly words we speak 

We ask Your forgiveness for speaking negatively and bashing other Denominations 

Thank You this day for raising up Your Ecclesia, Your true Ecclesia in this area 

We thank You for releasing Your Holy Angels, Your Erelim to fight for us this day 

Your Seraphim this day 

Your Kashmelian this day 

and all Heavenly Hosts 

Forgive us by the words of our mouths for hindering Your work in and through us this day 

We ask for Your release of that hinders is this day 

We ask that You renew our hearts and minds and for a new level of love and appreciation for  You and others 

Father, forgive us for not seeking You before voting, raise up those You have chosen for political office 

Forgive us for not honouring You in our schools and for rewriting history ...for we are to honour and respect You and those who have built up this area spiritually and in the practical areas 

Father, I am ever so thankful for those wonder women and men of faith and we speak forth 

Your glory bombs and release Your Holy Angels this day to go forth 

‘We ask forgiveness for always knowing what the enemy of our soul is doing we ask this day You open our eyes to see what You are doing and speak that, speak life and do what You called us to be and do 

Thank You this day for Your great love that never fails fades our nor comes to an end 

Father in Heaven we are asking for a creative miracle, new kidney’s be released this day 

On earth as it is in Heaven 

Online Churches ...Thank You, Lord Jesus Posted on 13 Oct 10:47 , 0 comments

i am ever so thankful for the gathering online ....Wednesday and Sundays...

So thankful for this Joshua Generation

The typical Brick and Mortar Service ....Sing three songs or more, take the offering, announcements, someone gives their opinion on what The Lord is saying ..

I am so ever thankful for those BRICK AND MORTAR Churches that actually wait on Holy Spirit and welcome Holy Spirit to lead the service ....where everyone participates ....folks actually are healed, and God brings the right people together tomaid and enable each other to bring forth God’s Goodness ...YES LORD JESUS 

Yes Church services are to be done decently and in order but not stifling and squelching Holy Spirt and not welcoming our Lord Jesus ....

Oh so looking forward for more Brick and Mortar Churches that wait and allow HOLY SPIRIT to lead where people actually get thier needs met, built up and launched into God’s good plan to bring Him Glory and for our benefit 

Love and Appreciate You all

Oh How I Love This Joshua Generation The Lord is Raising Up Posted on 13 Oct 10:28 , 0 comments

I adore what the Lord is doing in this generation He is raising up to be business men and women, educators, in the entertainment industry, those He wants to be elected officials, Scientists He is raising up ....and all other areas of our society ....

I am ever so thankful to those He has brought in to my life ....that are of this generation .....

Looking forward to you all coming into Your fullness and being His people ....in our society ....actually getting out of The Church Buildings and being The Church ....influencing and brining His goodness in our society 

Please appreciate those who have gone before you who have paved the way ...not just Pastors and Prophets, Intercessors, but also those who have shown you all the practical skills needed to fulfill your destinies and assignments ...AMERICA ....USA....needs missionaries also ...especially in the inner cities of our country ....love the fact the Lord is raising up those who are called there 

Many Joshua generation need our history also ....so the same patterns are not repeated .....for example when I was growing up they took prayer out of school....the churches response was very little, then abortion came the church did very little ....then all the rest ...we did not have school shootings even though everyone in my neighborhood had a gun....

Praying and fasting is awesome and oh something we have all been called to, but we also called to vote, take political, office , be administrators, Doctors, Lawyers, Mechanics, Scientists  all that is needed in our society to function and run properly ....thank You Holy Spirit construction workers, especially those who enjoy fishing and making the monster trucks, Thank you all during the floods ....

We love you all so ever much and am ever so thankful my generation gets to see your generation grow up and Propser and bring forth God’s prosperity in all areas of our hearts, minds and lives and in our society bring for The Full Gospel and a helping hand 

Something Holy Spirit has put on my heart are all these Church  properties that are being underutilized ...where are the veggie gardens, the music lessons, housing the poor, dance lessons, art, quality education, computer labs, mentors in construction, mechanics, woodworking shops ....Church Properties that we all pay for are ever so under utilized ....so much waste .....The Book Of Acts ...The Church There was more of a community center ....time to rip up the lawns and grow veggies and flowers ....raise cattle etc... 

Love and Blessings to you all looking forward to when the dead works are finally gone for Jesus has given you, The Joshua Generation, Live works to do .....


Dear NFL Players Who Take a Knee During Our National Anthem Posted on 22 Sep 07:55 , 0 comments

This does nothing for your cause 


Put your money where your mouth is and in this case put your money where you knee is.

Take your millions and pick out a neighborhood 













CourtRoom of Heaven Posted on 23 May 05:16 , 0 comments

Father in Heaven,

We come into Your presence with Thanksgiving in our hearts and

Into Your Courts with Praise

Thank You, Our Just Judge Creator of the Universe

We thank You, Lord Jesus, Our Advocate

We thank You, Holy Spirit our Counselor 

We thank The Great Cloud of Witnesses and the Heavenly Hosts, The Scribes

We thank You for opening our books this day and for Your good and just judgements

We thank YOU Lord Jesus for forgiveness of sin and cleansing us of all sin and unrighteousness

We ask forgiveness of eating from the tree of good and evil

We ask forgiveness for all the head knowledge and not tapping into YOUR heart

Your heart knowledge

We ask this day that we see as YOU see Father

WE thank YOU for those who testify on our behalves this day



Courtroom of Heaven Posted on 20 Mar 04:48 , 0 comments

Oh Bless God,

I received my book

Silencing the Accuser Restoration of Your Birthright Third Edition


Jacquelin & Daniel Hanselman

This journey the Lord has me on for the last two years concerning the Courtroom of Heaven has been amazing

I have been helping prep people and taking them into the Courtrooms of Heaven and Oh God is good

Love and Blessings




Book of Rememberance Posted on 25 Jan 07:46 , 0 comments

Father in Heaven,

We are so ever thankful for Your Word and we thank You for opening our Book of Rememberance to bring You joy and testimony in the Courts of Heaven this day and to also cleanse us of all sin and unrighteousness.

Malachi 3:16Amplified Bible, Classic Edition (AMPC)

16 Then those who feared the Lord talked often one to another; and the Lord listened and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before Him of those who reverenced and worshipfully feared the Lord and who thought on His name.

We thank You for Your Word this day

Isaiah 1:18King James Version (KJV)

18 Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.

That through Your Blood Christ Jesus we may come to the Throne of Grace and into YOUR presence with thanksgiving in our hearts and into Your courts with praise and we thank YOU for blotting out the transgressions of our sins this day so we may go forth in the power of YOUR might this day in Jesus Name the Name that is above all names and that our book of destiny is opened to be fulfilled spirit, soul and body and we thank You this day in Jesus Name the name that is above all names